axel heilhecker / thomas heberer

Music video for a piece of my collaboration with trumpetplayer Thomas Heberer.
Thomas got a magnificent tone, actually his own voice, and it's a pleasure to hear his textures and
modulations on these tracks. One can hear him on various record releases and see him life as a
steady member of ICP for example together with european jazz greats like Mischa Mengelberg or Han Benning

thomas heberer

Another video connected to my collaboration with trumpetplayer Thomas Heberer.
Related to my faible for not only late 50's guitars, but for those days of moody tempered jazz tunes from NY,
i try to create some of this atmosperes within my own styles. Even if you rock - keep it slow!
The video was shot on the northern isle juist on a very stormy but sunny day - watch the sea from above !

Based exclusively on guitarlooping this tune delivers one more playground for Thomas Heberer's moody and
emphatic play.
The video is a old recording of a friend during his trip across Alaska in the 70's. These pictures memorize the outstanding charme of old 8mm film and capture the wild nature during flights with those small planes significant for the area.
The loopers i used are the Gibson “Echoplex“ in combination with the Elecrix-Looper, where the Echoplex
is feeded into.