fishmoon - two moon music 

das zweite Fishmoon-Album ist nun als CD
erhältlich :  Axel Heilhecker produzierte
sein neues Instrumental Album in Stereo-
Freistil. Bestellen :
Oder im Handel.

Hören :

western electric suite
lys primeur
als der könig die schönheit vergaß

Bently Spangs
Harald Grosskopf
Nippy Noya
Hans Peter Salentin
Latha Vegantha
Orin Elyan
Shawn Berid
Tirana Stringensemble
Steve Baltes
Axel Manrico Heilhecker
lyrics 5
perc. 1/4
perc./sheng 7
trumpet 5
drums 2
drums 6
bass 2/4/6
strings 1/2/6/7
coprod./progr. 3/5

A man with a guitar walks the Sahara, or maybe the Martian, deserts.
 His guitar wails plaintively,
the desertscapes, unable to resist,
creating a vibrating and rumbling natural drum pattern that

shakes the ground for miles. Well, maybe that was just a dream
Fishmoon guitarist Axel Manrico
Heilhecker had in the middle of
 the night, but as a journey it is evoked on the 2006 sophomore

Fishmoon release Two Moon Music.
Fishmoon got its start when noted German musician and producer
Heilhecker released the simply
titled Fishmoon - Music by Axel
 Manrico Heilhecker, a compilation of reworked material from some of

his production sessions in the late nineties, described on the
Fishmoon website as “collected relics

of his guitar-laboratories”. In addition to Heilhecker, Fishmoon is
made up of Sunya Beat
collaborators Harald Grosskopf on
“trashdrums” on two of the CD’s seven tracks and Steve Baltes

on programming on two tracks, Shawn Berid on bass (two tracks),
 the Tirana Stringensemble on,

you guessed it, strings (three tracks), Orin Elyan and Latha
Vegantha on drums (a track each),
H.P. Salentin on trumpet
(one track), and Nippy Noya on sheng and percussion (one track).

Fishmoon plays longform, experimental rock at times in the vein
of seventies Krautrock. The Kraut
droning influence is evident on
Twomoon, which features a tribal jungle beat and some lively string

accents from the Tirana Stringensemble. At many times on this CD
the droning Kraut sound is
similar to the sound of Russian neo-Kraut
band Vespero.

The seventies feel is also apparent on Sterntaucher, which has a
Tangerine Dreamy ambient intro,
and features synths, electric piano
and organ melodies which could have come right from the

fingertips of Pink Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright.
Another interesting song is the self-descriptive Western Electric Suite,
with Berid’s liquid bass
holding down the conventional rock
sound and the later western, country oriented guitars.

Vegantha’s drumming keeps the track strong, yet at the same time
the track is loose, the
improvisational nature sounding like teenagers
jamming in a garage back in the day. Old school
jazz gets in on the
picture on Sniff, with English spoken word, jazzy trumpet from Salentin,
guitar from the talented Heilhecker and some groovy
programming from Baltes taking you back to
a coffee house in
Greenwich Village in the sixties.

While certainly Heilhecker is an accomplished musician and producer
I did not like this project as
much as his other project Sunya Beat,
which has more of an electronica groove to it.

The CD packaging is simple, gatefold with no booklet and a stark
picture of what appears to be two
moons and, you guessed it again,
a fish. As is in the case with the Sunya Beat CD Comin’ Soon,
artist, title, and catalogue number are printed upside down on the
CD case’s spine. I could not tell
by looking at the CD case if it was
a retail or promotional version. I only mention this minor flaw for
purists and critics out there.
For me, it is all about the music, not the image or packaging.

The CD’s crystal clear tracks are well produced and composed,
but there is always room for
improvement. With future releases,
Fishmoon could perhaps feature the strings more prominently
cycle the tracks together in the form of a concept
album. That is just a couple of ideas that
come to mind.
In the meantime, enjoy.

Conclusion: 7 out of 10


- Ein weiteres Betätigungsfeld von Axel Manrico
Heilhecker (auch Sunya Beat und Phonoroid).
Der Gitarrist wird mehr und mehr zum bedeutenden und
aktivsten Fortschreiber der sehr typischen trippigen
Electronica-Landschaftsbeschreibungen in wohlgetönter
Krautrocktradition. Prärie soweit das geistige Auge reicht.
Die Herzberger wissen was sie an ihm haben.


Immer tiefer geht "Two Moon Music" mit seinen folgenden Songs 
und verschiedenen Begleitmusikern in die laute Stille der Musik; 
harmonische und experimentelle Klänge tun sich auf,
mal wieder von Harald Grosskopf' Trashdrums, dann von 
Electronics von Steve Baltes illuminiert. Einige Höhepunkte folgen, 
so das Trompetenspiel von H.P. Salentin und die diversen Soli des
begnadeten Gitarristen Alex Heilhecker.