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FISHMOON - "Two Moon Music" :
Axel Manrico Heilhecker's neuestes " Ohne Worte-Album" ist seit April erhältlich.  Performance Künstler Bently Spangs, Native Indian aus Montana (Sioux) spricht dennoch
6 Worte.
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Bestellen bei : Herzbergverlag online

Axel Manrico Heilhecker :
"Music for Six-String and Tape-Echo"
In Kürze erhältlich, hier mit 2 Vorab-Videos zu
sehen. © Phonokultur  a.m.h.

"Cinderellas 0f Santa Fe
gewann letztes Jahr  auf dem
Iowa Independant Filmfestival

den IIFF Award als “bester Dokumentar-Film".

Vanessa Vassar, Regisseurin
und Axel's Muse im
Duo Phonoroid
, arbeitete
mit Axel Manrico Heilhecker
als Co-produzent zusammen,
der auch den Soundtrack mit
Phonoroid Songs und
Instrumentals erstellte.

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Nachdemdie Band diverse Gigs im EM-Feld geliefert hat, ist die Rhythmusgruppe der Band, Grosskopf und Baltes zurzeit mit Manuell Göttsching auf Japan-Tour. Harald Grosskopf und Axel Heilhecker arbeiten an einem Freistil "Jazz-Album".
das aktuelle Live-Album der Band :

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Live CD bestellen bei :
Herzbergverlag online


zusammen mit Stefan Schneider (RococoRot),führte Axel Heilhecker Ende Februar eine Mitternachtsmusik zur Lichtinstallation Mischa Kuball's an der Passarelle - Brücke in Luxembourg auf.
veranstaltet vom Casino Luxembourg.

Ein paar Soundsamples...just guitar:

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muss noch weiter TV leisten, während
Axel und seine Band-Kollegen  sich zum Ende der eigentlichen "Schmidt"- Show , Oktober  letzten Jahres, Fernseh-befreit haben, um nach 10 Jahren Showtime wieder mehr Raum für neue und alte musikalische Aktivitäten zu gewinnen.    
Listen "zur Erinnerung"  to “Spoonful“ -"Long" version:

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Axel schreibt eine Kolumne
"Brettgeflüster" im Gitarren -
Magazin “GRAND GTRs“.

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sunyabeat - comin' soon 

Das Sunya Beat Live-album von 2006, zugleich
die erste Veröffentlichung von Axel's Label
Phonokultur. Bestellen bei
Oder im Handel.
Erhältlich als CD oder Doppelvinyl.

Hören :
am anfang
bond's off
lys trois
sierra nostra
landmarke 3
skies unlimited
delhi slide
gamma weg
voodoo child ( Bonustrack auf Vinyl )

Musiker :
Axel Manrico Heilhecker
Harald Grosskopf
Steve Baltes

Presse :

“Guitar solo, do you take electronica as your lawfully wedded
husband, to have and to hold, through
good times and bad times,
in sickness and in health, until death do you part?”
Guitar solo: “I do.”

“Electronica, do you take guitar solo as your lawfully wedded wife,
to have and to hold, through
good times and bad times, in sickness
and in health, until death do you part?” Electronica: “I do”.

This marriage of styles may not bring tears to your eyes, but it will
bring some sonic pleasure to
your ears from the first to the
seventy-sixth minute of Sunya Beat’s 2006 live compilation, Comin’

Sunya Beat has three studio releases under their belt, and this
latest release compiles live tracks
harvested from various festivals
in Poland and Germany. The band is comprised of Axel Manrico

Heilhecker on guitar and loops, Harald Grosskopf on “trashdrum”
(whatever this means,
programming maybe?) and drum kit, and
German rave luminary Steve Baltes on keys, sequence
mix, and loops.
Sunya Beat plays long, electronica flavoured improv-based original
jam pieces generously seasoned
with some excellent guitar soloing
from Heilhecker, who often sounds like David Gilmour. The

utilization of electronica in an improv-based format is reminiscent
of what King Crimson was doing
when they “fractalized” into the four
different ProjecKcts ten years ago (with the exception of

Projeckt One, which had Bill Bruford on drums and was more acoustic).
So what do you call Sunya
Beat as a genre? Techno-jam? Improvitronica?
You may not know what to call it. You may not like guitar solos,
and you may not like electronica,
but marry the two together and, bam,
you may just like it. This marriage is evident on Lys Trois,

which starts off as a slow guitar grooved flavoured with ocean sound
effects that could have been
fired up by Pete Sinfield on the VCS3 during
Crimson’s Islands tour. After a brief trip-hop
excursion, the drumming picks
up with intensity from Grosskopf. The mix of electronic and heavy

drums is similar to what is found on The Orb’s 1995 release,
Orbus Terrarum.
The heavy drumming is also found on Sierra Nostra,
which showcases some hard guitar, crazy
soloing, and an industrial groove.
The band “breaks it down” on the up-tempo, jungle-flavoured Delhi Slide for,
ladies and gentlemen,

what could be the world’s first sequenced live drum loop solo from Baltes.
Baltes creates a variety of
sequenced drum loops and programming on
these live tracks without sounding laborious.

The above mentioned tracks are a good representation of the CD as a whole.
Comin’ Soon offers a
lot of variety and little repetition between the clear-quality
live tunes. Although a compilation live
CD, it nonetheless serves as a cohesive
body of work and these talented guys are clearly at the top
of their game.
It’s an addictive CD I know I will be listening to again and again. The only
area of
improvement I see is for the band to release a live DVD.
This I would love to adorn my DVD player
The CD packaging is minimal, in gatefold style with no booklet and the artist,
title, and catalogue 
number printed upside down on the CD case’s spine.
The cover depicts a pastoral, outdoors
countryside scene. Very pretty until
you see the fire in the hills in the background. Is the title
Comin’ Soon a
reference to apocalypse? Until it gets here, we have Sunya Beat to enjoy.

Conclusion: 8 out of 10

Comin’ Soon is the third album by Sunya Beat from Germany
and the album was recorded live at Burg Herzberg Festival,
Ricochet Gathering Poland and E-Live in Eindhoven during
four years. This band formed in 1996 combines trance, ambient,
rock and ethnic music in a pretty psychedelic way. The
band is formed by Axel Manrico Heilhecker: guitar and loops,
Harald Grosskopf: drums, djembe and Steve Baltes:
keyboards, sequencers and loops.

The album begins with ”Am Anfang” that after a rather long
build-up has a danceable rhythm and some slide guitar.
A bit mystical and jungle-like “Bond’s Off” borrows the guitar
theme from the James Bond movies and includes psychedelic
samples, percussion and floating synth stuff. The slower,
creeping and more small-scale “Lys Trois” has fusion guitar
and later on some psychedelic synthesizer sounds and
glissando-styled guitar. The danceable, groovy “Sierra Nostra”
is one of the best tracks on the album including nice guitar playing,
very effective sequences and hallucinatory samples. At some
point they float on a carpet of synths in a very ambient way.
In the end there is some excellent guitar soloing that brings to
mind Steve Hillage. The dark, slow and more ambient
“Landmarke 3” is the longest track on the album. Another quite
ambient piece is the soft, percussive and floating “Skies Unlimited”
that is like a cross-breeding of Astralasia and Ashra. A great track!
“Delhi Slade” starts in a rather meditative way with slide guitar and
keyboard drone that are soon joined by djembe and soon also the
light, programmed drums. Later on the track gets more into the techno
territory along with the hypnotic sequencers. A very nice atmosphere.
The last track on the CD, “Gamma Ray”, is a nice number that has a
bit shaky, jungle-like beat but otherwise it’s rather airy and even jazzy.
The piano sounds bring in some rather positive vibes. Comin’ Soon is
a pretty nice whole and can be recommended for those who like
electronic music with guitar in it.


SUNYA BEAT: Comin' Soon (CD on Herzberg Verlags-GmbH)
This CD from 2006 features 77 minutes of dynamic electronic music culled
from live performances from 2001 through 2003 at Burg Herzberg Festival,
Ricochet Gathering Poland, and E-live Eindhoven.
Sunya Beat is: Axel Manrico Heilhecker on guitar and loops, Harold
Grosskopf on drums, and Steve Baltes on keyboards and loops. Grosskopf
and Baltes have both played extensively with Manuel Gottsching in Ashra.
Energy runs very high in this music, with its pounding velocity and rollicking
delivery. The band is tight, and the tuneage is ecstatic in scope.
The guitar is hyperactive and acrobatic, generating riffs of blinding intensity
and sequences of shimmering delicacy. Nimble-fingers achieve chords of
engaging complexity that cavort with serpentine agility. Shrill passages
achieve an astral quality, while at other times the riffs attain an elated rock-
out demeanor that is breathtaking.
The percussion is masterful, bursting with sultry rhythms of cosmic rapture.
Beats explode with dynamic disposition, accomplishing tempos of
mesmerizing appeal. Besides providing propulsion for the tunes, the
rhythms become a living force that seeps into the subconscious and
imprints itself on the audience's genetic code, leaving a glorious lasting
The keyboards establish lavish tapestries of ethereal substance, then
pepper the mix with melodious sweeps of endearing character. Dreamy
passages are created with ease, streaming like honey and bonding the
music's aspects into a surging fluidity. The electronics are sinuous and
sneaky, lurking between notes like a supernatural force.
These compositions display acute perfection, exuding a demonstrative
entertainment factor that is superbly infectious. The elegant fusion of trance
and high energy is wondrous to behold.
One of the CD's most delightful tracks is "Bond's Off" in which the band
toys and twists with the James Bond theme, producing a dazzlingly snappy
version full of captivating beats and bewitching guitar licks.


Coming Soon Live
Diese neue CD kommt vom Herzberg Verlag. Bei drei Live-Gigs eingefangen,
zum einen Teil, selbstredend, auf dem Burg Herzberg Festival, weiteres
 wurde in Eindhoven (E- Live) und mehr in Polen (Ricochet Gathering)aufgenommen.

Axel Manrico Heilhecker an der Gitarre – und er hat reichlich Zeit und 
Strecke um flüssige schwebende Improvisationen in den Rauch zu 
entlassen. Steve Baltes ist der „Techniker“ an Keys und Effekten, 
er sorgt für Drive und Schwung und ist Mittler zwischen Old School 
Abfahrt und den Tricks der Digital-Zeit. Na ja und dann Harald Grosskopf 
mit den, seit 1971 ca., an den Fingern angewachsenen Drumsticks, mit 
denen er als weitgereister kosmischer Kurier die deutsche Elektronik-Szene 
mitgeprägt hat und hier die Trommeln mit einer Lust schlägt, dass man über
manch jungen Nachwuchs nur die Stirn runzeln kann.

Ja, es ist natürlich ein rückwärtsgerichtetes Speed-Meditieren
hier, ja es wird im Info aufgefordert die Marokko-Jacken vom
Speicher zu holen und zu entmotten, ja, auch die Pumphosen
und natürlich Wasserpfeife und Räucherstäbchen. Aber, die alte
Methode ist so verfeinert und mit dickem Sound angemischt,
dass man sagen muss, wenn mir einer schon Rau(s)ch ins Hirn
blasen will, dann beweisen die Drei hier den richtigen Sinn dafür es
umzusetzen. Lange Tracks, ohne Brüche ohne Stopps die den
Flow stören, trotzdem gewürzt mit Gags und Ideen und unbändigem
 Drang nach vorn zu spielen immer weiter und am liebsten endlos. (ICC)

Eclipsed / Schellackgeschrei

Coming Soon Live
Sieben Jahre nach ihrer letzten Veröffentlichung, dem Trance - Überflieger
“Delhi Slide“, kommen Axel Manrico Heilhecker, Harald Grosskopf und
Steve Baltes endlich wieder mit einem neuen Album, dessen Material
zwar schon 2001 und 2004 aufgenommen wurde, und zwar zum Großteil beim
Burg Herzberg Festival und dem Ricochet Gathering in Polen, das aber,
bis auf exzessiv ausgedehnte Varianten von “Skies Unlimited“ und
“Delhi Slide“, nur mit neuen Tunes aufwartet. Da es hier vor allem auf Moods,
Empfindungen und Improvisation ankommt ist die Zeitlosigkeit des
Trancerocks von Sunya Beat garantiert. Wohlige Keyboardflächen
verflechten sich so mit Tribal Drums und gleitenden Gitarrenlicks,
Technotrance meets Dubrock, Semi-Jazz und Neo-Western Style,
ausgestattet mit viel, viel Weite und vor allem Transzendenz, die in diesem
Metier nicht mehr allzu oft anzutreffen ist. Man wird indes weiterhin von dem
Trio hören.