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Axel Heilhecker's Debut Song-Album
"Book Of Shelter". 10 Songs written between 1974 and 2019.
Recorded at “Heaven's Gate Recorders" for
Phonokultur Records
180g Vinyl and CD is available. Digital Download as well on Bandcamp.


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are you psyched

“Are You Psyched?“ is the result of a ongoing collaboration between Axel Heilhecker and Harald Grosskopf started 1995
aka “Sunya Beat“ and led to many concerts around the world. (Listen to their version of Harald's classic “So Weit So Gut“ recorded live in New York.) Comprising elements of old school electronics and Krautrock (Harald was member of Ashra Tempel, Klaus Schulze etc. and is eventer of electronic drumming), they builded out a fresh and unique mix of avandtgarde musical aproach and classic german E-music in the tradition of “NEU“ or “CAN“.
In their younger days both of them met independently from each other composer Terry Riley and Jazz-Trompeter Don Cherry and leaned into their minimalistic, multiplyphone structures. These elements are shared by Grosskopf and Heilhecker since they got to know each other.

Check out as well older albums of Grosskopf and Heilhecker
as “Sunya Beat“, “Delhi Slide“, “Comin' Soon“, “Life In New York“  and other at PHONOKULTUR.


life loops - collected instrumentals, guitarworks by axel manrico heilhecker. Featuring mel Collins, Harald Grosskopf, Thomas Heberer, Samson gassama. Released by Phonokultur Records. Available on 140g Vinyl


"Lifeloops" was released 2018 on Vinyl and will be available officially on Digital and CD in August 2020. Check out Videos of “Flyin' A Kite“ and “Twomoon“ featuring Mel Collins and Harald Grosskopf.
Axel and Mel had been playin' for years together in a german TV late nite till we recorded this piece together.
It shows a lot of Mel Collins abilities on Saxes and flute. It's easy tofall in love with  “King Crimson“-  Mel was a early member of the band. He played on these Golden Three : “Lizard“ - “Islands“ “Southbound“ !

Axel says: "It's definetly a honor to play with Mel who played with most of the guitar legends, and that for good and obvious reasons. (Fripp, Setzer, Knopfler, Clapton etc.). This here got a Sixties Vibe together with the pictures of Godard. Waitin' for more to come !"

Axel Heilhecker and Harald Grosskopf perform and record since
the Mid 90s together, resulting in collaboration in "Phonoroid" and "Sunya Beat". Harald's roots in Krautrock first generation and boundaries in electronic music are strongly recognicable and blend with Axel's sense for Space Sounds and Freestyle.
On this track one can Harald on his selfmade Drums.

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